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The real estate bubble has burst –how can I sell that house?

Whether you are a real estate professional or a home owner looking to sell a home you definitely need a home staging professional with a proven track record. Take a look at Daniel H. Houde Design’s results.

Newton, MA: Realtor-owned Home
This real estate property was vacant and had been partially staged by the realtor. After two open houses there were no bites on the property. The realtor asked Daniel H. Houde Design to come in and consult on improving the home. We identified several problems: the rooms were not being used properly and accessories were needed. We were hired to stage the home for quick sale. We staged all the rooms including a breezeway that was made into a breakfast nook and accessorized. The realtor held an open house the very next day and received an offer that week. Within 7 days the house was under agreement.

Newton, MA: Single Family Home
This house was empty and the realtor wanted a home staging professional to get it ready for sale. One challenge was its odd configuration; if the space was not staged right, it would be confusing to a buyer. We needed to stage so they’d know how to use the space. Even the owner was concerned that this property would take a long time to sell. When we were hired to furnish and stage the house, we worked on a design that brought sense to the space and then staged it accordingly. Having a professional with design background certainly helped in this case. Once the staging and furnishings were finished, the owner was amazed that this was the same house and became more confident that it would sell much quicker than anticipated. This property went under agreement within the 2nd week of going on the market. The buyers were so impressed with the results that they actually wanted to purchase it furnished.

Framingham, MA: Single Family Home
The house was semi furnished and it had been on the market for 408 days without a single offer. The owners, who had moved to another state, were extremely discouraged. They brought in a new realtor and interviewed home stagers. When they selected Daniel H. Houde Design, we began the staging immediately. In addition to the staging, a bathroom needed to be painted and a floor needed to be replaced in the mud room. We delivered on those projects too. Once the home staging project was finished an open house was scheduled. Both the seller and realtor were amazed that an offer was received that day. A P&L was signed and the property closed 2 months later.

Framingham, MA: Condominium
The owners of this empty condo were trying to sell it on their own. They had put a lot of time and money into the property, but were not getting any offers. The property was on a main road that had lots of traffic. While they did have showings the location became a major problem with buyers; some even left before coming in to see it. The owners asked Daniel H. Houde Design for a consultation and professional opinion. The two solutions we recommended were to hire a good realtor and to stage the home. They accepted the recommendations and used one of the realtors that we’d previously done some business with. Following the real estate staging project, the condo looked amazing and showed beautifully. The realtor had her first open house and the condominium, on a busy street, sold in 2 weeks. The owners were thrilled at how easy the process was and how, for a small upfront investment for staging, they got a great return on that investment and a quick sale.

Natick, MA: Condominium
This condominium was lived in and had been de-cluttered at the direction of the realtor. Actually, it was so de-cluttered that it was not warm or even inviting. When Daniele H. Houde was called in, the condo had been on the market for 2 months with no interest. The realtor was able to get this condo featured in the newspaper but the home owner became frantic and called our firm to see what we could do to make the condominium show well in the article and for buyers. In five hours the condo was completely changed. It needed furniture placement and some accessories to make it pop. Pictures were taken and an open house was held. In 2 days the condo had an accepted offer. It was sold before the feature article came out.

Winthrop, MA: Condominium
This was a rare opportunity. The owner of this real estate property was a contractor who turned a two family home into condominiums. Both condos were empty and the contractor had interviewed several home staging businesses. After our meeting, the contractor chose to use Daniel H. Houde Design for the project. We home staged both condo’s and they went on the market. The first floor condominium sold within 7 days and for $10,000 over asking price. The second condominium went under agreement within the first 3 weeks. Unfortunately, that deal fell through because of financing. However, it was sold recently.

Winchester, MA: Single Family Home
On the market for 3 years, thousands of dollars in reductions, and still not sold- this home staging project had several interesting challenges: style and owners who loved their décor.

The owners of this property had done a major renovation project and wall papered every room a few years before putting it on the market. Unfortunately, they thought buyers would love what they’d done. The realtor recommended that the owners have a consult with our firm over several months; initially they refused. Finally, they agreed to meet with us. True, the house was beautiful but it was over-customized and as a result lacked “buyer appeal.” We advised the owner how important it is to look at their home from the buyers’ perspective… not theirs. Importantly, we recommended that all wall paper be removed and that all walls be painted. They agreed and it worked. Within one short month after the Daniel H. Houde Design home staging project, the home was sold.