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  • You only have one chance to make a great first impression.
  • Statistics show that 90% of people cannot visualize how space can be used and it takes only 10 seconds for a buyer to decide if the property is worth consideration. 

  • A buyer stays in a vacant house an average of 5 minutes but lingers in a furnished home an average of 40 minutes.

  • In most cases, staging costs less than the property’s first price reduction ($10,000 average reduction).

  • Based on today’s market, a non-staged home stays on the market an average of 175 days while a staged home averages 35 days.

  • Well staged homes sell for over 7% more than homes that are not staged.  The longer a property is on the market, the lower the selling price will be.

  • 90% of single family homes, staged by Daniel H. Houde Design are on the market an average of 17 days; condos an average of 30 days.



Home staging is more important than ever, with statistics showing that non-staged homes are on the market an average of 175 days.   At Daniel H. Houde Design we specialize in interior design and home staging that provides our clients with excellent results in selling their real estate properties. Our services include:

  • Consults: We consult with both realtors and the home owners.  Based on a walk-through of the home, we develop a staging proposal that outlines the recommended changes to maximize the best features of the home, to appeal to a majority of home buyers and, most importantly, to motivate them to buy.
  • Multi-Level Staging: we provide services that range from a simple home staging that uses existing furniture and accessories, to providing all the furniture
  • Property Enhancementsoften a property requires more extensive work, including wall/ woodwork repair, painting, upgraded lighting, floor refinishing and other desired services.  The resources available through  Daniel H. Houde Design stand ready to complete all services required for a  successful staging.

Daniel H. Houde Design is unique.  Our firm carries over $300,000 in inventory, which is a benefit for our clients because we can stage faster with overall lower cost.  We can meet everyone’s budget regardless of the listing price.



Daniel H. Houde Design  works directly with realtors to assess properties and develop staging plans for their listings. We are marketing partners with several real estate businesses including ERA Key Realty in Framingham as part of its Gold Member program, and Remax New England.

Daniel H. Houde Design is available to provide Real Estate Staging Presentations to inform realtors about the benefits of real estate staging and interior design.  These can be provided at your office or ours.

Call Daniel H. Houde Design to find out more about real estate staging and how it can help to improve your sales.