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Daniel H. Houde Design

Daniel H. Houde Design was founded in 2005 as a full-service interior design firm and home staging company. From residential to commercial clients, Daniel H. Houde Design creates dramatic yet comfortable living spaces that reflect its clients’ unique styles. Although interior design was our primary focus initially, we saw the growing need for high-quality home staging services that would stand out from the crowd.

Having design expertise allows us to assist developers with color, lighting, and fixture selection, as well as kitchen and bathroom designs. It is a partnership we take seriously from start to finish.
The true measure of our success in staging has been, and continues to be, how quickly the homes we stage are sold.

Founder & Designer

Daniel H. Houde

Daniel H. Houde Design grew out of founder Daniel Houde’s lifelong passion for interior design and architecture. After years spent studying architectural design and working in executive positions focused on retail store layout and merchandising design, Daniel decided to return to school and earn his certification in interior design from the New England Institute of Art. 

He then founded Daniel H. Houde design, initially as a very modest business that has since grown to a sizable company. 

“When I created the company, staging was very popular on the West Coast, but it was just starting to catch on on the East Coast”, he recounts. “Armed with knowledge of the staging business, I wanted to carve out a niche here for our company. The goal was to create stagings that appeared, or felt, like a well designed and decorated home. We realized that creating custom looks would play a big role in accomplishing that goal. We are huge fans of re-purposing good furniture. Taking existing pieces and recreating them, whether that means selecting fabrics and recovering, repainting or refinishing them.”

“We will go to any extent to make sure that our staging is like no other.”

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Professional Home Staging

Astounding Transformations

“Even the most beautiful home is unable to speak for itself when it comes to all that it could be and all of the possibilities. Standing on its own, it is difficult for a buyer to play down any negatives and envision the positives and the benefits of any given space. Most buyers know exactly what they want: all too often they just don’t know what that is.

Like the perfect hairstyle, a flattering outfit, or just the right makeup, Dan Houde works delicately with each room and presents the offering in its very best artistic light, showing all that it can be. He brings the imagination to every room in the home so the buyers can focus on the overall picture, and know how to maximize each space of the home.

The work that he does provides not just beauty but a wonderful feeling and a glimpse into the lifestyle that would come along with the purchase of the home. His transformations are absolutely astounding. I have worked with Dan many times and would be happy to provide a personal reference upon request.”

—John McHugh

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Our Journey

The Company

At our infancy, we started with a 2,000 square foot space with just enough inventory to stage roughly 3-4 homes at a time and we used rented vehicles to transport furniture. 

For the past thirteen years, we have expanded to a 15,000+ square foot warehouse with the ability to stage more than 30 homes at a time. Our inventory is currently valued at over 3 million dollars, and we now have our own truck. The future plan for our company is to expand to multiple locations to better service our clientele. 

Daniel’s success in building our company is founded in creating one-of-a-kind custom stagings, his knowledge of the real estate market, identifying the needs of our clients, and delivering a product that is unlike anything out there today.

It’s all in the results!

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