Dartmouth St. Waban Staging

This is a high-end home in a very desirable neighborhood in Waban. The home owner moved out of state but left the furnishings behind. As you can see there are some beautiful antiques in the home.

Being an older home, the layout of rooms was a little odd as well. You had the kitchen, breakfast Room and Dining Room all off of each other. The living spaces were on the other side of the house. This is not what buyers are used to seeing, or for the matter are looking for, so we knew our first issue at hand was the function of the rooms.

The second issue was how dated the house felt with the antique furnishings and heavy window treatments. After touring the house we suggested to have all the furniture removed. In this case the home owner did not want any of it so it got sold off. We also suggested removing all the window treatments.

Once this was done, it was time to stage. But we knew we had to change up the spaces in order to appeal to today’s buyer. What we did was take the formal Dining Room and made that the Family Room. Now we had the Kitchen, Breakfast Room and Family Room all together. Much more marketable that way.

The Office was being used as a small family room, so we staged that as a true Office. We took the front-to-back Formal Living Room and made it a formal Living and Dining Room. Those rooms do not get used often usually, so it made sense to condense them.

We had to work with a warmer palette so there were a lot of warm tones with a pinch of black. We know everyone is into gray however this house would not have looked right with that palate and the end result proved us right. The house flows beautifully and looks amazing.

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