Nottingham Lane Weston  Staging

This was a challenging home and we love a challenge. It was not new construction but a fairly young house. We knew that the color palette that is most popular is gray tones, so we needed to overcome that due to the existing paint colors. Even though these colors are also neutral, it became more of a White and Linen palette, which is still popular (just not as much as the grays).

We originally set up the formal rooms as the home owner had them, but after a couple of months we realized that buyers were having a hard time understanding the flow. When staging, sometimes what was once the norm has to be changed to something that makes more sense. The dining and living room are currently flipped.

The other challenge in this home was the breakfast area. There wasn’t one, even though the family room was a fairly good size and it could be done. We collectively decided that it was best to show a breakfast table in this area. We have since minimized the area a little more to create a more open flow.

We try very hard to work off of the existing elements (such as colors of walls, granite, cabinets etc…) to create a look that will enhance those features instead of making them stand out. There are times when you really need to take a good, hard look at a house and think about how most people would use it. After all, that is why you are staging it, you want it to appeal to as many buyers as possible. What once was, doesn’t always mean what should be.

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