Training Field Wayland Staging

New construction is usually easier to stage than pre-existing homes because you have a clean palette to work with and usually the design is what the buyers are looking for.

There is not a lot of design flaws in new homes. Being an interior designer, we do get the opportunity to work with the builder during construction to help choose color palette, tile and tile designs, vanities, counter tops and lighting.

In this case we were brought in early so we had some additional time to plan out what we were going to do with the staging. We do a lot of custom work, and in this house approximately 80% of the furnishings were custom pieces.

There were some unique spaces that needed to be showcased. We own all of the pieces in our inventory, so we pride ourselves on making sure that we complete each room and go above and beyond what we were hired to do. The end result will show you just that.

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