Wayland Staging

This was a smaller home that the home owners added onto to give themselves a larger Dining Room and new Master Bedroom on the second floor. Unfortunately, because of this it was showing as only 2 rooms on the guest floor, which was not going to go over well with the buyers. The colors of the rooms were not the best colors for selling either.

Being an older house with all of these issues, the realtor knew it was going to be a tough sell unless something was done. We were asked to look at the house and we found it was another case of poor room usage.

Even though it was a smaller home, the main room was large enough to have a small Formal Living Area along with a Dining Area. This allowed the addition to become a Family Room, which in most cases would be a positive. There was also an open staircase to the basement in there, so it just made complete sense to switch them.

There were some window treatments up which we asked the home owner to remove and then we staged the house with a neutral palette to offset the colors on the walls. This house sold within 2 weeks after staging.

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