Weston Staging

This staging was a little challenging because we were working with some of the home owners existing furniture and with the existing color palate. It is our job to pull the house together no matter what the existing house looks like and make it appealing to the mass buyers.

The other challenge with this house (and many like it) was the flow of the rooms were not exactly as they should be, which means either existing home owner had other needs or there was an addition put on that did not quite make sense. This takes some thought but it is crucial to think out of the box with consideration of what buyers are looking for today.

With this house in particular, the existing home owner was using what was to be the formal Living Room as an Office, the Office was being used as the Family Room and the first floor Master suite was being as a large Play Room with a guest bed in the sitting Room. This worked for her but now that the house is going on the market, we needed to think about what a buyer would want and bring it back to what it was originally intended for. We asked the existing home owner to remove the furniture in the family room, Office and Play Room do that we could create new spaces and showcase the house. We did transform the rooms back with staging however we had to work with the furniture that was remaining in the house.

Her Dining chairs were a beautiful Royal Blue so we knew that this was the color we needed to punch in all the main rooms. We customized the staging around that and the end result looks like it’s always been. We also transformed the first floor master in a suite that has the large Bedroom, a beautiful sitting Room and the opportunity for a large walk in close and or expansion of the existing Bathroom. The flow now allows buyers to truly see how to use the space and how unique of a house this is.

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