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You only have one chance to make a great first impression

Staging has become an extremely important part of the home selling process. Why should you consider staging? On average, a staged home will sell for 3-5% more and usually will sell quicker than a non-staged home. Statistics show that your investment for staging will pay off two-fold. The cost of staging is just a fraction of an average price reduction, which can range anywhere from $25k-$50k.

Average Minutes A Buyer Stays In A Vacant House
Average Minutes A Buyer Stays In a Furnished Home
Average Days A Non-Staged Home Stays On The Market
Average Days A Staged Home Stays On The Market

The Importance Of

Home Staging

Statistics show that 90% of potential buyers cannot visualize how the space can be utilized and it takes only 10 seconds for a buyer to decide if the property is worth consideration.

At Daniel H. Houde Design we specialize in interior design and home staging that provides our clients with excellent results in selling their real estate properties. We consider a staging as if we were getting paid to decorate a home. We create custom looks for every home we stage. Why is this important? Every home is not the same and by customizing the staging, it makes the home feel that much more special. We have invested close to 3 million dollars in inventory that we are able to cherry pick specially for your home. There are times when we feel that doing custom upholstering and furniture refinishing will make all the difference in how your home will be showcased, which leads to the sale of your home. 


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