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We are there as design professionals to assist you with the client and do a thorough walk-through to create a staging strategy. We will ensure that the home owner is aware of the things that should be done before the house goes on the market. By partnering with real estate professionals, make sure that the house will look its best to create a quick and profitable sale.

In cases where the house has already been listed and has not sold, we will help solve the problems holding it back. We will create a staging strategy from buyers’ feedback to address any concerns and/or issues that have come up.

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Our Referral Program

For Real Estate Agents, Builders, Contractors & Developers

We understand you can choose any staging company that you want to assist with your listings. We are grateful for repeat business. To show our gratitude, we have developed a referral program that rewards repeat business.

How It Works

As our client, you will receive 5% of the cost of the staging in “Staging Bucks” which can be used toward any future stagings. They can also be accumulated. 

If you refer a client to us and they book a staging, you will receive 2.5% of the cost in Staging Bucks. In cases where the realtor and builder split the cost, each party will receive 2.5% of the value in Staging Bucks to put towards any future stagings.  

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