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Buyers make up their minds within the first 10-15 seconds of walking into the home, whether they will love it or hate it. It is our goal to ensure that the first 10-15 seconds grabs the buyer’s attention to create the “want” because we already know there is a “need”. The first step is scheduling a staging consultation with one of our professionals. 

We consult with both realtors and the home owners themselves. Based on a walk-through of the home, we develop a staging strategy that outlines the recommended changes to maximize the best features of the home and appeal to a majority of home buyers. And, most importantly, motivate them to buy.

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We provide three staging services for pre-existing homes:

Staging With Your Furniture And Accessories

This would consist of using your furniture and accessories after creating your staging strategy. The strategy created for you will also give instructions for maintenance, decluttering, possibly removing window treatments, and any additional things that we as professionals feel is needed to sell your home. 

We will partner with your realtor to ensure we provide you with all of the tools necessary for a successful sale.

The cost of this staging is a flat fee.

Mixed Staging With Your Furniture And Ours

From your consultation strategy, we would have determined that some of our inventory will be needed. This can occur because there is not enough furniture, or we have suggested to remove select items. This strategy would also include suggestions for maintenance, de-cluttering, possibly removing window treatments, and any additional things that we as professionals feel is needed to sell your home. 

Suggestions are based upon experience and from buyers’ feedback. When creating this strategy, we also take into consideration feedback from buyers of previous listings similar to yours.

The cost of this staging would be determined by how much of our inventory is brought in.

Full Home Staging

This type of staging would be used when you have already moved into a new home and have removed all of your furniture and accessories, or the recommendation from your consultation strategy is to have your furniture removed. Essentially, this is a staging of an empty house.

We would then determine how much furniture needs to be brought in by the size of the home. The style and look of the staging is determined by your target market. We also are working around your home’s existing style and decor.

Your strategy will determine if any additional things will need to be done, such as maintenance, de-cluttering, and possibly removing window treatments, etc.

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