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Redesign In A Day

So often people have wonderful furniture, accessories, and art but when it comes to putting it all together, they are mystified. That’s where we can help. Taking cues from you, we totally redesign your space in one day using your furniture, accessories, and wall art.  We create a beautiful, functional space for you and we bring just the flair that you are looking for.

When we are done, your space will be everything you wanted: comfortable, beautiful and elegant. Redesign is an affordable way to transform your house into a home.

Remember: when it comes to redesign, we are there to enhance what you’ve already done, not to tell you what you’ve done wrong. We always respect your personal taste and style.


We know downsizing can be daunting and unenjoyable. We can assist you by evaluating what you currently have and create a space plan for your new home. We will work with your existing furniture, accessories, and wall art to create a new look to coincide with the new venture in your life.

We also can provide the service if you need to supplement or replace any of the existing pieces with newer pieces.

If you are starting with a clean slate, then we recommend scheduling a design consultation to assist you with furnishing your new home. 

Holiday Decorations for holiday season interior design
Holiday Decor

As we all know, the holiday season can be stressful. We have found over the years that decorating for the holidays is becoming challenging for most people. They find either that they don’t have time or they don’t know how to create that perfect tree or holiday setup.

In response, Daniel H. Houde Design has added a holiday home decorating service. We will come to your home or business to decorate. We create a themed tree to match the decor of your house, or we work with your cherished ornaments to create that special tree you have always wanted. We decorate rooms, mantles, entrances and any space that needs a little, or a lot, or holiday cheer.

This service gets booked quickly, so scheduling well in advance is crucial.

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