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Homeowners often have wonderful furniture, accessories, and art to display, but when it comes to seeing the big picture, they’re baffled. That’s where Daniel H. Houde Design can help. By taking cues from you, we can completely redesign your space in one day using your existing furniture, accessories, and wall art. We create beautiful, functional spaces that bring just the right flair you need to reimagine your property.

When we finish a staging job, your space will realize its full potential: comfortable, beautiful, and elegant. Our redesign services are an affordable way to transform your house into a home.

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We consult with you on your preferred style and taste. When it comes to redesign, we’re there to enhance what you’ve already done, not to tell you what you’ve done wrong. We always respect your personal vision.


With our interior redesign, we use your existing furniture and décor to breathe new life into your space. This process saves on the cost of purchasing new items and keeps your investment feeling like home.

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Interior redesign gives your space a new look and feel. It will always be yours, with your furnishings and a few extra decorations. Our mission is to offer a new perspective that will revitalize your environment.

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In-Home Interior Redesign


Do you consider yourself handy? Are you a “do-it-yourself” kind of person? Do you walk around your home and know it needs something extra, but you’re unsure what that something is? An in-home interior redesign consultation might be exactly the breakthrough you need.

During our consultation, we’ll walk through your home with you and offer suggestions on improving your current layout. You will then receive a detailed report of our walk-through with design recommendations on how to revamp the space yourself. That becomes the basis of your design plan.